Suzanne Bspoilt

Suzanne Saunders

Founder and Therapist

B’Spoilt is owned, run and was established by Suzanne Saunders on 1st March 2005.  She has an impressive history in the beauty industry, upon qualification in 1992 and being acredited the I.H.B.C., M.S.B.t.h. and M.G.P.B.T standard, she worked for many years at a salon in Bristol before achieving the role of Senior Therapist for the Marriott Group of hotels at St Pierre, Chepstow. She then embarked on continued growth and soon became Managing Beauty Therapist for a successful local salon in Monmouthshire, where she grew in stature before deciding to go-it-alone to develop her own interpersonal skills and talents with her own business – B’Spoilt.

Now a beloved mother of 2 children born 2011 and 2013 she has returned to working 3 days per week from 2014 on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays having missed working at the salon with “her girls” and seeing and being around her cherished clients!



Qualifications: I.H.B.C and M.S.B.t.h